Our Sessions


This is stated in our mission statement of creating and providing a safe and loving environment to provide mentorship of the broken hearted human and horse. This can be carried out in a number of creative ways besides just riding the horse. This can be in experiencing the healing of a newly acquired horse or the brushing and grooming of a horse.  This could be walking or leading a horse through the trail. It could be in the chores that need done to show the responsibility that is required in the care of a horse.  Groundwork is essential in creating the relationship between human and horse.  A second goal is to provide education on equine safety. Through all these things we are able to accomplish our primary goal of providing that safe and loving environment for both the horse and the human involved at Whispering Grace Horses Session Program. The only requirement is that the individual wants to come. Everyone has challenges, and we recognize those challenges. We will continue to work to adapt to individual needs of each mentorship opportunity. This is a free, no fee, service.


Each session involves:

Chores: This is a requirement at the beginning of each session, a time that teaches the person involved to serve others, and gives the leader an opportunity to see what is going on this week with the person who is attending.

Working with Horses: The people attending a session will learn to correctly handle, groom, round pen and play with a horse.   Each session depends on where the child and horse are on that particular day, and where their needs lie to best serve them both.

Play: Sometimes we just need to play. Often times, this is the only quiet time away for someone attending Whispering Grace Horses.  It is a time to breath fresh air and a time away from television and video games. It is a time to encourage play and allow kids to be kids and it gives the adult a time to breathe. Many people choose their session wholly engaged in playing a game.  Hide and seek in the pasture with the horses is a great example.
Crafts: For those who are not interested in horses, a craft option is always available. “Horse Painting” is a great way for the horse to provide a canvas for those not ready for the large and gentle equine counselor.


The leader can include one or many of the above components to each session as they see fit through prayer.  The resources at the farm allows the session leaders to respond creatively to everyone who comes to Whispering Grace Horses.


WGH and Freedom Farm Liability 2019 (docx)