Our Equine Counselors

Personal Cat

Cat is one of the main reasons Whispering Grace Horses became a reality. She is a registered thoroughbred that won $12,000.00 racing at various tracks across a three state area.  Her owner simply ran out of the necessary funds to maintain her racing status as well as her health.  She was approx 300 lbs underweight with little hair on her back when she was rescued by Mrs. Debra Sebolt, owner of Nickajack Farm. Thank goodness for Debbie’s insight and kindness. After introductions,  Debbie asked Bill if he might want to work with her.  Debbie said, “at least come look at her.”  So Emalee, Bill’s young six year old granddaughter, Debbie, and Bill walked down to the pasture and after seeing Cat she lifted up her head from eating and gave us a kind of   “Hey there, I’m really tired and really hungry” look.  After little thought, Bill and Emalee made an emotional decision that would change their lives.  Cat was purchased and became a member of our family and has shown us all the meaning of HOPE and a willingness to TRY when asked to do things she never dreamed of doing as a thoroughbred.  Thank You Cat! A horse can change lives, Cat is the living example of just that! 

Lazy Lucy

Lucy is an Appendix which is a  Quarter Horse and Thoroughbred mix. After the purchase of Cat, we  looked at over 30 horses to add to our family and fill the necessary job description  of Equine Counselor, not only for our family but also for others. Again, so underweight, so mangy looking, but somehow Marcia knew this was the horse we were  so diligently seeking.  Lucy is a “Gem.”   Lucy was very much introverted with little personality other than simply wanting to eat. We still laugh at that ability of Lucy to eat, but yet seriously she has stolen our hearts. Her willingness to please us and those who have come to know her is simply amazing!  From young to old Lucy simply does not care.  She is smart, listens to others problems like a true professional, and now shines with so much excitement.  She seems to understand that she like Cat is changing lives. 

Doc Spankin Hickory

Registered Quarter Horse Doc came into our lives in 2012.  Doc has been on
the move since he was two moving from owner to owner.  He grew up in the stockyards of Kentucky sorting cattle.  He has “cow horse” in his bloodlines which drew me to him, but just like our other Equine Counselors no one person wanted Doc’s services for very long.  He is small and very athletic.  When we purchased him at a private sale he was very introverted, yet after riding him, he showed us such promise.  Since that time he has simply blossomed.  He remains so athletic yet so willing to be with us.  No matter where we go in the stall or in the pasture setting we look around and Doc is right at our shoulder.  He is great around all who visit him, and now his outgoing horsenality makes just about everyone laugh. He seems to “skip” into whatever we ask him to do.  His versatility along with a pleasing disposition makes him such a welcome addition to Whispering Grace Horses!  Doc just seems to be telling us, “Look at me, Look at me!” 

Amazing Grace

Another addition to the Whispering Grace Horses Herd has found her new home.  She, as a few others under the same roof, was scheduled to be sold at the Sugar Creek Kill sale.  We were fortunate to find her and she has proven day after day that she is more than willing to share the rest of her life with the families at our farm.  She is a small petite snowflake pattern appaloosa with a petite head but her quiet disposition is what sealed the deal, as she displayed an almost take me....please...attitude when we looked at her, played with her, and rode her.  She shadows our families as they take her from her stall or the pasture and seems to reflect "Is this for real?'" "Have I hit the jackpot or what?"  Grace, as we call her, is indeed just another reflection that Hope is alive at Whispering Grace Horses and that if we take the time to show what we really feel the results can be truly amazing!  The affection she shows for our children and parents alike has been remarkable to watch.  Thank you Grace for simply being ...YOU! 

Heavenly Dreamer

Well number 7 of our herd has arrived and what an arrival she has made.  Our stalls are now full!  Again, she is another save from the Sugar Creek Kill Sale.  Maybe, now this is hard to say, (as many might tell you) she might be the most affectionate horse we have ever been around!  She has the most "willing" yet "cautious" attitude approach to new tasks she has never performed in her life and yet she responds in a way that is hard to explain.  She is learning to trust and that word trust would certainly be a new word in her horse vocabulary.  We believe she was directed in some fashion to find Whispering Grace Horses.  She is in our first stall at the barn for now and can be found either eating from her portagrazer or with her head out of the stall just hoping for her next rub.  She is a beauty and we are looking for big things to come for "Dreamer" (her barn name)...Thanks for finding your way to us Dreamer!