About Us


Our Mission

 Providing HEALING of the HEART while encouraging an atmosphere of HOPE through Christ-centered prayer and guidance in our community. 

Our Vision

 Whispering Grace Horses will provide the resources to rescue the equine, mentor the family and individuals seeking availability. The ability to offer hope for the entire family unit and also to individuals, as well as the entire community, provides an outreach opportunity creating a safe and positive environment. 

Statement of Faith


Whispering Grace Horses is a faith- based program. We do not consider to be any particular denomination and welcome different denominations, there is NO tolerance for any discrimination. We welcome ANY denomination. Our beliefs and foundation of development comes from the same Judeo-Christian values that years ago built the laws of our own nation.

We have the desire to serve God by demonstrating faith in action and authentic relationship building. By living our faith by example, and transparently admitting our own failures, we provide leadership to those we mentor. We show worth of learning from our own mistakes and how to come back to successful experiences after experiencing negative ones.

We are honored to serve others every day and be able to consider it our job. We serve any individual or family of any background with grace and love that have been given to us all for free.