Freedom Farm At Whispering Grace Horses

Our History Reflects Our Hearts


Our families have been helped at Whispering Grace Horses for over 6 1/2 years.

  • We have completed over 8,000 one on one sessions.
  • We have over 70 loyal volunteers.
  • We continue to collaborate with Pathway Caring for Children and Weaver Leather

We are the Right Organization


Freedom Farm Horses will provide interaction with a gentle, peaceful creature "created by our God".

  • They accept you as you are
  • They live in the moment
  • They listen and love without conditions
  • Their insight is simply amazing

Working with Horses has many benefits


When I look into the eyes of these 

horses, I see love, forgiveness and total trust...Qualities we so often assign to our loving, compassionate, and forgiving God.  It's something that is almost impossible to fully describe, but very easy to experience.  It's a gift, much like grace, that is there for all of us and only requires that we open our minds and hearts to receive.

We  are here to serve veterans and their families.


Whispering Grace Horses is an equine and human relationship program that focuses on educating and building partnerships between humans and horses. In our six 1/2 year history, we have impacted many families and we now plan to expand to our veterans and their families.